April Brown grew up in north-central Kentucky, where her family has lived for over 200 years.  April lived in a rural area with few neighbors, so she buried her head in books and began to write at a very early age.


April, standing in the doorway of an old cabin from the 1930’s Holiday Mesa logging village. Jemez Springs, NM

School was a pleasure for April, since it was her only opportunity to socialize with others her age. She excelled in many subjects throughout her school career, which eventually led to her being accepted in the vocational secretarial program at Meade County High School.  This turn of events laid the foundation for her long and successful administrative career.

After working for several years in various administrative positions, April decided to pursue her degree in Anthropology at the University of Louisville (U of L).  It was here that April truly honed her writing skills and learned how to adapt her writing to suit various styles. During her time at U of L, she also developed a passion for history and archaeology, which she continues to pursue as a hobby, even today.

She later moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to explore life outside her hometown.  She held a variety of administrative positions for corporate Casino offices, including Station Casinos, Inc. and Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. before landing a position with the Nevada Test Site contract. She began as an Archive Assistant at the Nevada Test Site and quickly worked her way up to a senior administrative position working directly for then President and General Manager of Bechtel Nevada, Fred Tarantino, at the corporate offices in North Las Vegas.  Over time, April and Mr. Tarantino developed a great working relationship, and he later invited her to work for him in the same position at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).


View from Holiday Mesa, looking south-east into Virgin Canyon. Jemez Springs area, NM. Photo by April M. Brown

April accepted the invitation which began her long and continual love affair with New Mexico.  Over the years, she developed a deep respect for the land and its culture. The magic and mystery of New Mexico later inspired April to pursue a career in journalism with the local newspaper, The Los Alamos Monitor, writing articles on local history, hiking and tourism. She worked there for many years fulfilling dual roles as both Advertising Executive and Journalist.

In her advertising role, she developed a passion for marketing and promoting local businesses, which led to positions in a variety of advertising mediums including print, radio and digital.  April used her writing talents in each of her roles to create effective and inspired advertising campaigns for her clients with great success.

April still resides in Los Alamos where she enjoys hiking in the surrounding mountains, mesas and canyons with her faithful dog, Greta.  She often spends her free time fishing, camping and exploring in the Jemez, where she continues her historical research into the Pueblo, logging and railroad eras.  She is also a regular supporter of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC), where she donates a special guided hike each year for Center’s fundraising efforts.


Auction winners for April’s guided PEEC hike 2014.  View from top of Holiday Mesa near the Fertility Wall, a special petroglyph wall 900 ft above the Rio Guadalupe. Jemez Springs area, NM.